I recently became excited when I had an online enquiry that eventually resulted in a firm order. Payment was requested and despite warning bells that arose during the preamble, I decided to cautiously see it through. A cheque arrived and was for more than twice the amount requested!  Yes very odd but my contact didn’t seem overly worried and told me that I could refund him the overspend when I was in funds. I’m sure you’ll guess but the cheque bounced and I was later informed that it was fraudulent or counterfeit. Either way, I’m relieved that I wasn’t scammed and that I still retain the lovely heart-shaped butterfly box he ordered. 

Business continues to progress and I have a head full of ideas and projects for 2019 to continue that upward momentum. 

L’homme Bleu was re-worked into a frame and looks pretty good as you can see. The client is happy and therefore so am I.

Merry Christmas to all.


Michael December 17th 2018