I wanted to add prosperous to the title but I’m a bit reluctant to tempt providence. Most of the hearsay indicates that business is stuttering at present and has been so since the latter part of 2018. Fortunately I was pretty busy between September and December but then it doesn’t take much to keep one man occupied. What the next few month holds is anyone’s guess including mine. Having said that I’m pushing ahead with new ideas, fresh designs and concepts in order to keep up momentum. 

I’ve revised the lower priced box layout but am still not happy with it. It doesn’t shout at me yet. Here’s an image and if you’d like to comment I’d love to hear from you, good, bad or ugly. This one is 16” x 14” but the final designs will be larger.


I have taken the last quiet couple of weeks to revise the layout of my studio making it homely as well as more efficient, after all I spend at least 5 days per week in it.  I want it to be attractive and comfortable which it’s beginning to look and feel now.


Best wishes to Subversion Gallery in Glasgow who have recently agreed to be stockists. I’m waiting on some gallery images to post in due course. 

Also adding to the growing family of Michael Olsen butterfly art stockists will be Driftwood Gallery in Cornwall. They will not be on stream until February so more on this nearer the time.

Michael January 8th 2019