A week of rest, sleep, walks, juicing and detox should have me up and at ‘em with vim and vigour. Instead of that, my energy is very low but I did lose 10lb in weight so all is not lost.

I’m assured that my energy will return, as for my waistline we shall see…… 

I’ve created an installation for Christmas predominantly in red but with some green and white and is 100x100cm. It’s going to Zebra Gallery in Hampstead for exposure to the refined punters of NW3.


New butterfly supplies recently arrived from the US including for the 1st time folded wing varieties. This is all very exciting as new colours and designs fuel my creative juices. Some of these butterflies which are smaller will be perfect for my new lower priced variation of the standard butterfly box.

I’m aiming to sell the new creation for £500-£600 and the revised & completed prototype will be with me later this week. Another sneak peek this is quite small at 60x50cm approx.


Enfin mes amis, L’homme Bleu has not quite been sold, despite my last blog. Apparently the client who adores the piece wants to place a frame around it which is an idea that I have had for a long time. I shall be intrigued as to how it will look if this particular project goes ahead.

Michael December 4th 2018