One man show and more

Held over the previous week, my one-man exhibition at Canvas Gallery in Winchester was a great success with a number of works being sold. I attended the opening day and met a number of the galleries clients who wanted to meet the artist, that’s me!  That’s the bit I enjoy the most as I rarely have the opportunity to meet my buying public. Now I’m preparing for my last show this year which is to be held at Chester racecourse. This is an all art exhibition “Chester Art Fair” that will be held from November 16th-18th. Not surprisingly I’m hoping that this will be a greater success than Kew was, but it wouldn’t take much to trump that!  I will be taking 12 pieces with me covering the range of sizes and new colourways and designs.  Social media continues to attract growing interest and along with it, I’m considering a PR campaign for 2019. 

Work on the lower priced version of my art continues. Here is a sneak peek of a prototype.


Michael October 30th 2018


Onwards & Upwards

With the disappointment of Kew’s lack of sales behind me, I’m preparing for my next exhibition. It is to be held at Canvas Gallery Winchester and run from next Saturday, October 20th until Sunday 28th. Apart from Kew, it will be the largest collection of my works to be shown in one space. I will be on hand to meet the public on Saturday between 2 and 4 so if you have the time please come down. Canvas Galley 169 High St. Winchester SO23 9BQ. 

My ‘What’s New’ page is now up and running on my website so please check it out f you’re so inclined. 

As you might know from a previous blog, my work was recently showcased at LAPADA exhibition Berkeley Square. You’ll see from the following image one of my works peeking around the corner. It illustrates so clearly how the traditional and the contemporary genres dovetail seamlessly and compliment each another. What great exposure for my work in such a prestigious location.


I received new enquiries for commissions during the past week, one of which is being delivered to its home in Sussex later in the week.
Here’s another wonderful image of one of my feather butterflies, taken through the creative eyes and camera lens of Stefan Hanegraff. 


As well as my social media activity, I’m now considering trialling a publicity campaign. This will depend upon cost but could be a valuable tool in getting my name and Art to a wider audience. 

Michael October 15th 2018


A week of ups and downs

Last week was spent preparing for and showing at the Handmade at Kew exhibition. The preparation was hectic and stressful as this was my first show and I didn’t know what to expect. Set up was easier than I had thought and my stand looked very good as you see from the attached image. The show was well attended but the attendees were not ready for my art. I have a couple of good leads to follow up but disappointingly, no sales were made on my stand. Exhibiting is very tiring and by Sunday evening I was exhausted. The rest of this week has been spent cleaning and re-wrapping the boxes in readiness for my one-man show being held at Canvas gallery in Winchester starting on October 20th.  On the plus side, I received a number of commissions since the start of the month and that is encouraging for me. I need an order or ten to keep my spirits up! Next week sees my ‘Blue Man’ placed on display at Wyecliffe in Walton on Thames. It’s a new design which could signal a departure from my standard Butterfly installations. I’m also getting ready to make the butterfly of butterflies mentioned in last weeks blog. Finally, I’m creating a new page on my website dedicated to new products and designs.  Please do keep an eye open for it and I hope that you’ll be as excited as I am when it’s published.


Michael October 12th 2018


A nightingale definitely sang………

LAPADA last week, held last week in Berkeley Square London was a successful adventure for me. I have to admit that I was concerned that the traditional world of antiques, old masters and high-end paraphernalia would outshine my work. The kudos of showing at such a prestigious location outweighed my anxiety & I need not have worried. Reports from Taylor Smith antiques of Westerham who represented me, were glowing. One confirmed sale and one in the pipeline speak for themselves and response from the public was excellent all of which makes my heart soar.  I’m finalising my preparations for Handmade in Kew which started next Wednesday and hope that the response from the clientele in SW London is as good if not better. 

I’m getting ready to produce a “Butterfly of butterflies” on a black background. Here is the pre-production outline 75x75cm which I hoping to have ready for Kew.  I’m waiting for images of my display at LAPADA which I will post once I have it. 

Michael September 24th 2018


Handmade at Kew

In a little over 2 weeks I will be setting up my stand at the Royal Botanical gardens in Kew. I’m very excited about the prospect of this exhibition called Handmade at Kew, but am also experiencing some trepidation. I’m a first timer at this sort of thing and a number of questions hang over my head.  Am I properly prepared, will the stand be big enough, will I sell anything?  These thoughts and more are spinning around with more intensity as the opening date of October 3rd approaches. The first night will be a private view and entry is by ticket only.  However, If you would like to attend please send me an email and if I have any spares, I will send them to you. I’m producing about 12 assorted pieces of work so that I’ll have a variety to offer and have backup works available should I sell a number of them during the show. The show will be a test-bed for new works as well as an opportunity to place my more established art before discerning visitors. That’s the plan anyway! 

Michael September 17th 2018


Back to Business

The holidays are over and the roads are crowded again, BUT there’s a hint of positive energy out there. I’ve started getting more enquiries and some orders, so negativity has lifted a little. The new season butterfly colours are helping to freshen up my offerings. I’m exchanging older designs and colours which are held in galleries with the new ones in order to spark more interest. I’ve made up the illuminated box mentioned in my last BLOG and the results speak for themselves, please see below.  A vibrancy has been added to the display but at a financial cost. The LED panels which are used to light the box plus the special construction, in general, add to the prices. Time will tell whether this will be a hurdle to sales but it certainly looks amazing. This week I sent out record number of installations. I could barely move in my studio last night surrounded by 11 boxes of varying sizes. Onwards and upwards.


Michael September 6th 2018


Back To School

I’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in Mallorca. Suitably refreshed and hopefully having signed up another gallery on the Island, I’m raring to go. At last an LED illuminated version of my range of acrylic boxes that I have been working on for 18 months is now in my hands. I’m thrilled about this addition to the range on offer as it will take the display to a new level. I’ve yet to create the actual butterfly art but watch this space. I have taken a stand at the Made in Britain exhibition to be held in Kew Gardens from October 4th -7th. I’m super excited about this as I’ll be facing the buying public for the 1st time. Until now all of my sales have been made through the 30 galleries who represent me so I’ll be at the sharp end and get to understand more about my potential clients and their needs. I’m still working on a lower-priced creation. Finding a reliable manufacturer of deep frame boxes made from timber rather than the current acrylic cases is top of my agenda. I’m hoping that once these are in production they will appeal to a wider audience.

Michael August 22nd 2018


One week to go

Why am I seeing Butterflies everywhere I look?  

From Fabrics to wallpaper and of course to the real things bless the little darlings, they seem to be everywhere. Perhaps its a bit like the day you take delivery of your new white/black/silver car and start seeing just how many white/black/silver cars there are on the road? 

As a result of feedback, I decided to add some detail to my aquatic project. I’m determined to make this idea work and hopefully one day it might sell?  A few of the fish in the shoal now have eyes which lift the display a little. Check out the close-up image below.

I’m taking my two-week holiday to Mallorca from next Monday. I’m looking forward to rest and recuperation following a painful trapped nerve. I’m on the mend but reclaiming the last 10% of lost mobility is proving hard.

The creation of new products and idea is high up on my to-do list. The creation below is a variation on a theme but adds a different dimension to my work. At only 50cmx50cm, its the smallest of my boxes but has a definite charm about it. At least I think so. I will be producing a white version for Zebra Gallery this week. 

Finally, I have just learned that Taylor Smith of Westerham will be taking my works to LAPADA  in Berkeley Square in September. This prestigious art and antique fair will be a wonderful showcase for my works. 


Michael July 30th 2018


“Another new idea emerges” just like a butterfly and just as pretty

I finally completed a project that has been gestating for 6 months. Not surprisingly I have a butterfly box at home. Often when I looked at it and apart from admiring its beauty, I felt that something was missing.

It was one of my earlier and less ‘busy’ works and I realised that it needed a base layer with texture and colour contrast. i commissioned a two layer box from my acrylic supplier and whilst the images do not do the piece justice, I am very happy with it.

The whiter base layer shown separately here, as is the top layer did the trick and gives the piece a three dimensional feel with the illusion of more movement. 


I have started using my new season butterfly colours and designs which give the works a fresh look. 


And finally a brilliant image of my hands cradling Billy my pet butterfly taken by Stefan Hanegraaf, gifted photographer and social media guru.
No butterflies were harmed in this shoot, its made of feather.


Gallery Mensing in Germany has yet to hang the works that were delivered a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping for great things here.

Michael July 25th 2018


My Studio

Last week I received a large supply of acrylic boxes which have filled my studio up. The following Image gives a flavour of the mayhem caused by what will hopefully translate into sales. All that I need are the orders. Chaplin’s furniture in Hatch End Pinner had a new piece delivered last week and it looks gorgeous in their 1st-floor showroom. There’s a bit of a lull now that the World cup and Wimbledon are over. Perhaps the buying public will show themselves in greater numbers now. 

I took some time off last week to see the RAF flypast in the Mall and what an amazing spectacle it was. The sight of those aircraft both old and new in immaculate formation, were visuals and sounds not to be forgotten.


Michael July 16th 2018