New Butterfly Art For My Son

On Saturday I had the pleasure of presenting one of my sons with a beautiful Butterfly Art commission.  Measuring 1800 cm wide and 80cm deep it is one of the larger boxes I have built and looks stunning in his family kitchen. He and his family are so happy with their new artwork as am I. From concept to the final product is always a slightly daunting prospect. This is  brought into closer focus when working with family or friends .

Will it look as they imagined, will the chosen colours work, will they be happy with it?

The answer on all fronts was yes, which was a relief.  I’m very proud of my work and this piece in my families home takes my pride to a new level.

Today I start a new and very special and meaningful commission that includes 11 real butterflies amid 100’s of my feather varieties.  More of this next week.