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Pre-post lockdown post

Hi all, the end is nigh and hopefully that’s good news for us all, and not the end of the world!

There’s definitely a positive vibe in the air and even a little healing sunshine. I hope you share my enthusiasm for what hopefully will put an end to this dreadful past 12 months.
I’m certainly enthusiastic and looking forward to freedom, creativity and going out for a meal at the very least.

Creatively, I’ve been fairly busy which has conspired to keep me sane as well as keep my little business going. Once galleries re-open I’m looking forward to a busier time.

By way of a change I thought I’d show you behind the scenes of one of my works. You’ve seen Blue Man II in the past and the image below illustrates my new method of fixing the butterflies into the panel so that they don’t drop out in transit. What you see is a series of tiny metal bullets that are hot glued into the panel with the butterfly wires then glued through the bullets into place. “Escaping butterflies” have been a problem over the years and it’s taken me ages to develop a methodology for fixing the butterflies permanently. I hope I have it cracked now although it’s much more time consuming. To my eyes the back looks like a work of art in itself and I just thought I’d share it with you.

Butterfly Art Blue man

Martha my beloved Cockerpoo cut her paw a month ago and he’s only just starting to exercise again. She’s like a coiled spring and the joy of watching her run free at last is immeasurable.

Butterfly Art Martha

Until the next time.


January 2021

Wishing all of my readers a healthy, happy and prosperous year to come. My wishes to you are in order of their importance to me, health being the river from which flow all the other positives. Without good health there’s nothing.

Surprisingly and despite restrictions in the ability of art galleries to operate, there’s been good butterfly art activity over the last couple of months.

At this moment it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but my glass being half full keeps me positive, determined & focussed. I’m filling much of my time creating new works so that when we finally get back on an even keel, I will have a collection of exciting designs and projects to whet the appetite of buyers all over the world. I’m not being grandiose mentioning the world because as I write, I’m preparing ‘Blue man III’  who will be shipped to New York in a couple of weeks.

Butterfly Art Blue Man

Not quite New York, but Bromley in Kent see’s the arrival of a beautiful work of mine below. It is 2m long and is located in the kitchen of a very happy client.

Whilst not a new years resolution, its my aim to improve the quality of my photography in the year to come. The highly reflective nature of acrylic surfaces make capturing the beauty and colours of my work a challenge. However I’m slowly getting to grips with lighting and ways to improve the image quality and how my work is portrayed on my website.

Finally, I welcome Westover Gallery Bournemouth to my select list of gallery partners. We’re both hoping for great things once all galleries are permitted to re-open. Here’s a link to my page https://www.westovergallery.co.uk/search?s=michael+olsen

Till the next time



It’s almost December and we’re just about to emerge from lockdown and into new restrictions. I’m saying nothing as it’s all been said. We’re all as frustrated as one another but of course to differing degrees. The saddest part is the loss of loved ones that most people are experiencing, myself included.

I’m continuing to use this quiet period to create new works which will be ready for a hopeful upswing in business in 2021. I’m pleased to say that my new lower-priced creations are attracting interest as well as sales. The latest version has been posted on my website and although the photography is not yet completed here is a sneak peak.


My beloved dog Martha continues to be a light in my life and that of my family. I have never smiled so much. If you go back to my post from June this year you’ll see just how much she’s grown. And her coat matches the butterflies!

Butterfly Art Martha


Soldiering on

This past few months have seen me review my artistic activities in the light of our changing world. In common with many people, I’m looking for alternative ways to keep my business in business and survive. By no means exclusively, I’m looking for new designs & ideas as well as additional routes to market, including new galleries. To this end I’m very pleased to announce that Westover Gallery in Bournemouth will shortly become a stockist of my work and we are very excited to be joining forces. Below is one of a number of artworks that they will be receiving within the next two weeks.


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know but I’ve been banging on about a lower priced version of my work in order for it to reach a wider audience. It’s now ready to launch. You’ll find a more complete set of Images on my ’new additions’ page https://www.butterflyart.co.uk/new-additions/ This medium-size version measuring 850x600mm approx, sells for just £725 including UK delivery.

No corners have been cut to create this work which has the same sparkle and flair in common with all my work. Initially these will only be available direct through my website and not through my gallery partners.

For me the next few months will be about hanging in there, surviving and being creative in all areas. That said, I’m enthusiastic about the future. As long and as I can keep fit and healthy, I will be implementing a plan so that Michael Olsen Butterfly Art can be more successful when we eventually emerge from the dark tunnel that we’re all in.

Have I Cracked It?

The title has nothing to do with broken acrylic boxes.

For a number of years I’ve been wrestling with a method of producing my Butterfly Art at a lower price point. However hard I have tried, the outcomes have not had the impact of the all acrylic boxes and so these prototypes have ended up on the cutting room floor.

However, I think that I’m finally on to something. By using the same gorgeous feather butterflies but with a less expensive display box and acrylic cover, I feel that there are real opportunities for increased interest and sales. To keep costs down, these creations will only be available direct through my website. There will be images of the prototype on ‘my ‘gallery page’ within the next couple of weeks. https://www.butterflyart.co.uk/online-art-gallery/

It’s the first few days back for schools and the roads are far busier. It’s a shame really, but of course it had to happen as I’ve enjoyed the easier trips by car or cycle to my studio over the past few months.
So onwards and upwards but at a slower pace.

The following 110×90 creation is destined to be for sale at Artisan Gallery in Epping this week.

Butterfly Artwork image

A Write Off

It seems that the honesty and openness of my last blog upset some of my clients. If you were one of them, I apologise.

However the thrust of my message when considered in its entirety was about doing what needs to be done to keep my business afloat and I’m not alone in that quest. Paring down expenses is one and extra sales promotion the other.

August is notoriously a poor month for the sales of Butterflyart and I suspect, all other forms of art. For me this August was no different and so instead of creating, I’m spending my time thinking of ways in which I can keep costs in check well as improve sales. I’m pleased to report that I’ve been able make progress in both areas and hope therefore to continue writing my blogs and selling my art into 2021 and beyond.

Online sales now appear to comprise a larger proportion of all selling activities and I am following that trend. Within the next three months I’ll be producing a number of online collections that will be for sale through a select number of my gallery partners. I’ll be building the art works but they will be placed within the acrylic boxes when sold. This will reduce my capital outlay but still enable me to create new designs and generally boost sales, at least that’s the plan.

I recently spent a wonderful 2 weeks in northern Spain and I’m now over the quarantine period which was worth every one of the 14 days. My wife and I drove through France to get to the Basque country and the whole experience made it one of the best holidays we’ve ever enjoyed.

Below is an image of a new piece entitled “Sunrise”. It will be on sale through branches of Cloud Gallery in Sussex within the next few days.

Finally a sneak peek at an unfinished star project. Apologies for the poor quality studio ’snap’.