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A week in the Sun

I’m off to Cyprus tomorrow morning at 7am. and am hoping for a few days of sun and rest. My last work related task today was to deliver 3 more works to Tanya Baxter in Chelsea in time for the Hong Kong art fair. When I return, the new seasons collection of Butterflies will have arrived from my supplier and I’m very excited. Just like the hatching of real butterflies, my feather variety also arrive once a year. This gives me a real creative boost and is a very busy time. The butterflies are treated to ensure that they remain colourfast and the wires are trimmed to ensure they fit into the acrylic boxes. Finally, the various species and colours are boxed to ensure ease of selection when making the works of art. My next blog will be posted upon my return during the 1st week on May.
Last Saturday in very chilly Herts.

Michael April 17th 2019


Another year passes

I recently celebrated my 74th birthday. I’m fortunate to be healthy and happy enough to enjoy life to the full and have just added a new bike to my modes of transport. Of course this has nothing to do with Butterflies but is about me and my hobbies, one of which is cycling. Hiding within the sleek lines is a battery and a motor….yes its an ebike but you wouldn’t know it. Help getting up hills and home after a long ride is just what I need and only I will know what advantage I now have. Happy days.

I’m very pleased to announce that Tanya Baxter Contemporary, located in Kings Road Chelsea,  will be taking 7 of my works to the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, in May. https://tanyabaxtercontemporary.com

Amongst the items is a new black etched acrylic panel which I am intent on developing using additional colour palettes as well as alternative background designs. The attached image is not great due to reflection but gives an idea of its appearance. 

Michael April 10th 2019


Endangered British Butterflies

Without even looking at the available data, It seems clear to me that the lack of visible Butterfly sightings during the summer months that numbers and species are either in decline or have disappeared altogether. Memories of ones youth can be clouded by nostalgia or recollection inaccuracies but I’m sure that I do remember seeing these beauties frequently and in many rural areas visited. 

How sad is it that 26 species of the British Butterfly are on a red list. The list has 5 severity headings running from regionally extinct through to near threatened. It’s my intention to create a work that includes replicas of some of these Butterflies, more of which in the weeks to come. Here are a few images of them.

Michael March 29th 


The B word.

Obviously it’s not definitive but how can the shenanigans over leaving the EU be doing business in the UK any good?  Of course it can’t, despite the fact that unemployment is down and the inference is that business is fine, it isn’t at least from my perspective.  We will I’m sure, all be happy when it’s over. 

The results at Affordable art Fair Battersea were reasonable with 2 large pieces selling. There are other enquiries being made so the advent of springtime might just be giving a boost to sales of Art. My photo shoot went well last week and I’m waiting on the final touches to be made to the images. My website will be upgraded during the coming months and the images of my latest work will form part of that process. Here are a few shots to (hopefully) whet your appetite. You can now view the online version of Durrah Luxury Magazine. I’m on pages 74-76. https://issuu.com/durrahluxury/docs/durrah_issue_43

Till next week

Michael March 21st 2019


Keep on keeping on

Thats my motto for March as I’m investing my time and hard earned income for a time when sales take off. At the moment however the mention of sales seems as likely as one of my feather butterflies taking wing! 

No no no, in reality I’m positive and pushing forward on all fronts as follows. This week my work is for sale at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park courtesy of Lilford Gallery. He has 5 pieces for sale. The following weekend sees The Wey Gallery offer my 4 of my works at The Contemporary Art Fair, Sandown Park Racecourse Esher. 

My PR campaign has attracted another luxury lifestyle periodical called Durrah Luxury Magazine http://www.durrah.bh/ . The article is due to be published next week and will again feature my recent work. Who knows, if the article reaches the right buyers I could be off to Bahrain for a sunny business trip. Pass the SPF 50.

Pro photographer Stefan Hanegraaf


will be focusing his creative lenses on 10 of my works next week. I’m upgrading my website images as it’s been 3 years since the early images were published. My designs have changed quite a bit since the early days and I want my website to reflect the current feel of my latest collection.  

Adieu till the next time.

Michael March 7th 2019


Life in the Old Dog

Even at my tender age, I possess a strong desire to learn. Last week I attended a course in order to understand more about digital marketing and my mind is still reeling. Whilst I ‘get’ the principals, the tips and tricks I need to understand and implement mean quite a change in the way I organise my day to day activities. Old dog and new tricks come to mind and I accept that if I want my little venture called Papilio to succeed in the digital world, I have to learn its ways. This I will do in the coming weeks and trust that it will have some effect upon my likes, my number of followers and increased traffic to my website. 

I have spent some of the past week planning production for the coming month. With 2 exhibitions requiring a number of works to show in March,  a new gallery partner in Padstow at the same time as a photo shoot, I have 13 butterfly installations to make and deliver in fairly short order. 

I’m experimenting with a new idea the image of which follows.


I’m creating an etched acrylic panel on to which I will replace the butterflies illustrated with some of my feather varieties to complete the creation. This is in distinct contrast to my heavy filled butterfly installations which currently form the mainstay of my work. I hope you like the idea, either way I’d love to hear from you at michael.olsen@butterlyart-live-backup.local.

Watch out for the two, soon to be published articles about my work in the Jewish Chronicle on line magazine and Homes & Interiors Scotland.

In case you missed this from an earlier blog here’s link to a very upmarket online newsletter/magazine featuring my work.

Michael February 19th 2019