Not surprisingly things in the world of art are a little quiet at present. I think it’s obvious why this is so,  the Brexit shenanigans and post Christmas blues.  

However not being one to sit on my hands, I am planning for the time when sales do pick up. To get ready I’m ordering fresh supplies  of acrylic boxes, new season butterfly designs and making contact with Galleries in areas when my art is not yet represented. Surprisingly this all takes time and as I’ve said in the past it doesn’t take much to keep a one man business busy. So, not much business but plenty to do. I’m planning a photo shoot in March in order to refresh my website images.  I need to prepare at least 6 new installations so that will lengthen to my ‘to do’ list. Later this week I’m meeting up with the directors of a Gallery in Godalming who have shown interest in becoming a Michael Olsen Butterfly Art stockist. Subversion in Glasgow are a fresh addition to the growing list of gallery partners.

Michael January 22nd 2019