Thats my motto for March as I’m investing my time and hard earned income for a time when sales take off. At the moment however the mention of sales seems as likely as one of my feather butterflies taking wing! 

No no no, in reality I’m positive and pushing forward on all fronts as follows. This week my work is for sale at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park courtesy of Lilford Gallery. He has 5 pieces for sale. The following weekend sees The Wey Gallery offer my 4 of my works at The Contemporary Art Fair, Sandown Park Racecourse Esher. 

My PR campaign has attracted another luxury lifestyle periodical called Durrah Luxury Magazine . The article is due to be published next week and will again feature my recent work. Who knows, if the article reaches the right buyers I could be off to Bahrain for a sunny business trip. Pass the SPF 50.

Pro photographer Stefan Hanegraaf 

will be focusing his creative lenses on 10 of my works next week. I’m upgrading my website images as it’s been 3 years since the early images were published. My designs have changed quite a bit since the early days and I want my website to reflect the current feel of my latest collection.  

Adieu till the next time.

Michael March 7th 2019