Last week was busy for me. Less about sales and more about laying building blocks for the next few months.

I visited the lovely Denise Donelly and Deirdre at the Doorway Gallery in Dublin to upgrade 3 of my works recently sold. Sadly there was not enough time to shop or see the sights. According to Denise, Dublin is very busy at present unlike the UK.  A couple of images for you. 


I’m happy to announce that The Wey Gallery located in Godalming have agreed to become a stockist for my works. This gallery occupies a lovely space in the town centre and its location close to the likes of Charterhouse School, Watts public Gallery and Loseley Park, bodes well for sales of my work.

As well as on the gallery walls they will also be taking my work to 2 prestige art fairs. The first at Esher Contemporary Art, held at Sandown Racecourse March 15-17th and the other at Fresh Art at Ascot Racecourse in September. Hoping for good things here too. Here are some images of Wey Gallery.


Michael January 30th 2019