Even at my tender age, I possess a strong desire to learn. Last week I attended a course in order to understand more about digital marketing and my mind is still reeling. Whilst I ‘get’ the principals, the tips and tricks I need to understand and implement mean quite a change in the way I organise my day to day activities. Old dog and new tricks come to mind and I accept that if I want my little venture called Papilio to succeed in the digital world, I have to learn its ways. This I will do in the coming weeks and trust that it will have some effect upon my likes, my number of followers and increased traffic to my website. 

I have spent some of the past week planning production for the coming month. With 2 exhibitions requiring a number of works to show in March,  a new gallery partner in Padstow at the same time as a photo shoot, I have 13 butterfly installations to make and deliver in fairly short order. 

I’m experimenting with a new idea the image of which follows.


I’m creating an etched acrylic panel on to which I will replace the butterflies illustrated with some of my feather varieties to complete the creation. This is in distinct contrast to my heavy filled butterfly installations which currently form the mainstay of my work. I hope you like the idea, either way I’d love to hear from you at michael.olsen@butterflyart.co.uk.

Watch out for the two, soon to be published articles about my work in the Jewish Chronicle on line magazine and Homes & Interiors Scotland.

In case you missed this from an earlier blog here’s link to a very upmarket online newsletter/magazine featuring my work.

Michael February 19th 2019