My working life – working with one of Michael's butterfly creations

My Working Life – Michael Olsen

My working life has lead me down numerous paths. In the early years I retailed medicines through my Pharmacy business. Later I created the 1st UK pet superstore in 1990. More recently I have operated a coffee shop. I’ve almost always enjoyed how I’ve earned my living. For instance, I have spent the greater part of my 74 years making things simply for pleasure or practical purposes. More recently I’ve been able to allow my artistic impulses to develop. With the result that what was an interesting and engrossing hobby has now become a full time and gratifying venture.

I enjoy the simple, beautiful things that life has to offer – family, love, the outdoors (cycling through it), music (better heard through a needle) and time spent happily with others as well as alone. All of which inspire me to try to create things to enhance the enjoyment of life, all illustrated in my Blog

A life changing decision

I’ve always been fascinated by nature and in particular butterflies. To me, there is something captivating about that moment when a butterfly stops to allow an onlooker to admire its form. Using this as my stimulus I wanted to see if I could create something that was both contemporary and visually stimulating. An installation which could be displayed in homes, offices, restaurants as well as hotel rooms. I decided to create a flight of butterflies and with that decision my working life changed. I love the idea of bringing nature indoors. This lead me to make a conscious decision to make works large enough and intricate enough to be looked at often. That meant always offering something new and interesting to see.

For these installations I work with hand painted feather butterflies, encased in simple acrylic boxes.

I am currently experimenting with colours and shapes and offer bespoke cabinets made to order.

Michael Olsen 2020