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Light Up

Hi & thanks for stopping to looking at this item. 
It’s a prototype that never got into production hence the fact that it’s half the normal price. 
I felt that an illuminated box would make the butterflies stand out and would be a fantastic seller. 
I wasn’t quite right. It works on many fronts & there was interest. The fact there is a wire present that is necessary to illuminate the box means that either trunking needs to be applied to the surface or the wall needs to be channelled out. 
I still love it and in the right place it will enhance the appearance of any room

Through The Window

A budget version of my work, but no less gorgeous. By choosing different materials and selling only via my own website, I’ve been able to make substantial savings on the selling price of this work. At 85x60x8 cm this work of art represents excellent value.

Blue Ombre

This gorgeous creation measures 100x100x15cm. It’s for sale at a greatly reduced price due to the fact the box has one or two VERY minor defects. These are too small to capture by photo. This installation will enhance the walls in any location and is half the normal retail price despite the fact that the defects are very minor.

Variegated Monarch

£895.00 £695.00
One of my smallest, but no less beautiful creations. It is 50x50x10cm in size and has one or two minor faults hence its greatly reduced price. The normal price for this sized creation is £1295 and so at £695 its a steal.


This is an unusual prototype that’s for sale at half price the regular price. The centre panel is rounded which is a design I’ve only used once or twice. The box has one or two very minor marks on it and as a result I’m selling it at half normal price. It’s titled Autumnal because of the browns, oranges and beige tones of the butterflies. The backing panel of the box is black and the butterflies are mounted onto a clear acrylic sheet. Unrepeatable for beauty and price.

In The Swim

£1,595.00 £695.00
As a butterfly artist, this was a flight of fancy !  The ‘fish’ are made from black acrylic and the frame is stained oak. The crystal clear cover is art glass so that there are minimal reflections. The sale of this piece is part of my workshop clear out which means that it’s for sale for less than the original asking price which was £1395. It also has one or two watermarks on the black frame which are minimal but visible.