Enquiries are on the increase this week which is encouraging. One is from Turkey and the other from Bahrain and 4 from UK galleries.

Three articles focusing on my work are due to be published shortly. They are The Jewish Chronicle Homes & Interiors magazine and Homes and Interiors Scotland. https://homesandinteriorsscotland.com

Luxuria lifestyles has also featured Michael Olsen Butterflies in a VERY high end online magazine. https://www.luxurialifestyle.com/a-new-feather-butterfly-wall-art-trend-is-sweeping-the-nation/

I’ve now completed the two “Papillon de Papillon” and the completed images will be on display next week. These installations will be included in my new website tab “For sale”.  I’ve started planning production for the new season of exhibitions mentioned previously. These shows are The Affordable Art fair Battersea and Esher contemporary Art fair both being held in March.  With 11 pieces  scheduled for delivery in mid march, I now have to get up a head of steam hence this short blog. Finally I’m very happy that the mornings and evenings are getting lighter. This light imbues me with such a feeling of freedom as I’m sure it does for most of us.

Michael February 13th 2019