I’ve referred to this topic for some time and finally the “butterfly of butterflies” has become a reality. I love it and I hope that you do to. I will be putting this item up for sale on my website as well as a multi-coloured variant when both are completed. Images of both “Papillon de Papillon” are below. Somehow its sounds and looks better in French.

The aquatic installation that has been swimming around without any home, i.e. UNSOLD for some while has now been framed. Sometimes things just don’t work and whilst I’ve always loved the clean lines and modernity of the piece it hasn’t sold. I’m hoping that this change will make its future in a clients home more assured. The concept of framing my works is also something I’m considering for the future of all of my work. Apologies for image quality, acrylic is such a difficult medium to photograph. 


Au revoir

Michael February 4th 2019